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"I incorporate more and more magic into my daily life, mostly using the weekly coaching tips, which are very helpful. But my biggest accomplishment is that I have become a much, much happier person than I was before I started using the magic you teach! Thank you." – M. Stein

Coaching By Donation

** Thanks to all who request coaching sessions! My practice is currently full and I am not taking new clients at this time. Please enjoy reading all of the articles on this site. **

To maintain focus and intention with the manifestation process, esoteric studies have long taught that it is necessary to work with others. Because my primary aim is to spread knowledge and experience about the manifestation process, while deepening my own experience with it, I am open to all people who have a dedicated interest. Therefore, I offer my coaching services by donation, with a suggested fee.

If you choose to coach with me, please pay what you can and what you feel the services are worth. I offer the suggested fee as a guideline for those who feel uncomfortable with an unspecified coaching fee. As the person being coached, you will also receive benefit from your donation, in the age-old tradition of tithing. We always get back a multiple of that which we offer up. More importantly, your donation is a statement that you value your desire to understand universal laws and principles – the foundation of manifestation. This statement will be an important part of your ability to manifest.

I encourage you to join me in this wondrous journey of discovery. I ask only that your participate whole-heartedly and willingly, and I will do the same. To schedule a coaching session, see the information below.

Suggested Fee

30 minute session $60
45 minute session $90

Schedule a Coaching Session

Phone: (888) 446-2442

Practical Magic Coaching Tips

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"Stephanie's openness to both teaching and learning has been an important benefit to me in our coaching sessions. Her use of multiple points of view, nonjudgemental environment and confidentiality, increase my comfort in trying new behaviors and ideas. As a result, I develop more robust interpretations of the events I care about, I'm taking action and I find it natural to share my learning with my project team. Effectiveness is improving for all of us." – Director, Washington, DC
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