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Practical Magic 101 and 102 E-books

Want to get started putting a little practical magic into your life? Our Practical Magic 101 and 102 e-books will teach you the basics.

These e-books are in text or Word format. Click on the links and the e-books will begin to download.


Practical Magic 40 Day Meditation Journal

This 40 day meditation journal will guide you in developing a personal relationship with the Universe, empowering you to create the reality that you desire. Each daily insight offers a new perspective to help you unleash your creative powers.

By the end of the 40 days, you will see actual demonstrations of your own creative abilities. You will know that you can create anything of your choosing. Are you ready to begin? Put some practical magic into your life. Order now.

Click here to order the Book (price: $12.95) Order the Practical Magic 40 Day Meditation Journal

Click here to order the E-book (price: $3.50) Order the Practical Magic 40 Day Meditation Journal


Practical Magic Coaching creates customized blends of Bach, Pegasus, and California flower essences to help you:
  • easing difficult transitions
  • releasing old belief systems that no longer serve
  • letting go of fear, worry, and anxiety (both general and specific)
  • interacting with life more joyfully and freely
  • manifesting abundance and vibrant health

To schedule a consultation, contact Stephanie Yeh at 888-446-2442.

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