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Want to manifest the things you desire in life?

Learn to gather, maintain, and build your force!

Welcome to Practical Magic Coaching!

Whether you’ve found this website through a friend, from surfing the web, or via some other method, by Law of Attraction you are here because you’re attention and curiosity is a match for the information offered here.

The focus of Practical Magic Coaching is the study of manifestation. It is the study of how we can successfully create what we desire. Most of us come to coaching or magic because we feel that it is a way to help us get what we want. It also means that we don't feel we are currently getting everything we desire. My desire is to work with people who have a deep interest in learning to use the manifestation process to create great effects in their lives. For people with such a dedicated interest, financial limitations should not be a barrier. I offer my coaching services by donation, with a suggested fee for those who can afford it. Click to find out more about Coaching by Donation.

** Thanks to all who request coaching sessions! My practice is currently full and I am not taking new clients at this time. Please enjoy reading all of the articles on this site. **

With Practical Magic Coaching you will discover that the process of manifestation is nothing more than the process of consistently gathering, maintaining, and building your force, or your personal power. Force, in this case, is the gradual accumulation of the magnetic ability to attract outcomes, events, and situations into your life. It is completely unrelated to coercion of others or the need to control events, situations, and people. When you have great force, anything that you focus your attention and curiosity upon will, by Universal law, come to you.

This process is not taught anywhere in ordinary society, and certainly not in our regular schools. Many new age and esoteric studies have techniques that touch on portions of this process, but very few offer it in concrete, practical steps that are accessible to the ordinary person. Esoteric practices, by nature, are hidden by smoke screens and misdirection to keep out the uninitiated. If you desire to find a practical method of manifesting what you desire in life, then you are ready to begin the journey of gathering your force. Here are some great ways to begin…

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Experience the gathering of your force – ask for Gathering Force: The First Gate

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